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Medical Transcription

Making It Easier To Focus On Your Patients.

Medical Transcription Services

We understand that doctors need to save time performing their administrative task so they can concentrate on the primary goal of caring for their patients.

Transcription ETC. makes transcription easy by allowing doctors to submit their patients’ dictation by phone or web upload, and received their 99% accurate transcriptions via our secured web-based platform delivery system, all at an affordable cost.

Time and cost-saving features that make your life easier:

We pride ourselves in providing dependable, quality transcription services and keep abreast of the latest transcription technology to provide the most efficient services to our clients – like instant internet document viewing and electronic medical records integration. We work hand in hand with your office staff to assure that all of your transcription needs are met and exceeded.


Transcription, Etc. maintains competitive pricing which is in line with industry standards. In addition to competitive pricing, we provide excellent quality transcripts coupled with superior customer service.


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