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Our Philosophy

We are “Transcription, Etc.”, a transcription company based out of Washington, DC. Transcription, Etc. was founded by a transcriptionist. The company was started with the idea of providing a quality, customer service-driven transcription product to the industry. Being founded by a transcriptionist means that every aspect of the transcription process is taken seriously and developed efficiently. We are about building relationships through providing superior customer service. It is the company’s practice to streamline all of the transcription processes from top to bottom, work closely with team members as well as clients, and eliminate all of the challenges that are faced. This is accomplished by continuing to communicate, train and educate clients and team members.

What We Offer?

Transcription, Etc. has a unique characteristic that sets us apart from other transcription companies in that we handle a variety of transcription disciplines in one company. The blend of Medical Transcription, Legal/Law Enforcement Transcription and General Transcription as well as Government Transcription allows us to accommodate all of our client’s needs and provide a quality product. This is unique because it allows us to utilize and develop a knowledgebase expertise across the different disciplines.

Transcription, Etc. offers guaranteed turnaround times, with 99.9% accuracy rate, with measurable cost savings. We maintain complete confidentiality and security within all levels of the transcription process. We are committed to continuing to educate ourselves as well as our clients on the best dictation/transcription practices, HIPAA compliance guidelines as well as quality assurance issues.

With over 20 years of transcription experience it is easy to see why we are ‘always a keystroke ahead’ of the competition!

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