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“The transcriptions and consistency of the work have been excellent and I have been very pleased, especially with the personal communication you and I have established. I am certainly not interested in looking elsewhere for transcription services”.

Suleiman Alibhai, O.D.

Transcription, Etc. has provided my firm with excellent transcription services as well as technology solutions as it relates to transcription. They produce quality work, are very professional, and remain accommodating to the demands of the workload that my firm faces from time to time. Their services definitely lend to the success of my firm in helping us to provide the legal representation needed to our clients.

Marlon Griffith, Esq.

Transcription, Etc. has shown an immense capacity to accommodate any number of dictations that we can generate. Initially, we were using an in-house transcriptionist, with Transcription, Etc., handling the workload when there was a backlog. With the reliable servcices of Transcription, Etc., we decided to out-source 100% of the transcription workload, which then allowed us to utilize our transcriptionist for billing functions. Transcription, Etc. has in no small way contributed to the outlook of our practice and healthy relationships that have continued to grow with our referring colleagues.

Frank A. Spellman, M.D.

I outsource 100% of our transcription services to Transcription, Etc. due mainly to their professionalism, prompt turnaround, and accuracy in content. Unlike working with medical transcription, the transcripts for my client are used in doctoral dissertations and Transcription, Etc. has no problem with meeting the needs and requests of my clientele.

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, CEO/President/Founder

I have had the pleasure of using this transcription service for nearly a decade and have found the service to be dependable, letter perfect and timely. I have also found the service to be user friendly, easily accessible and responsive to requests both by email and by phone if necessary. I have no doubt of their ability to serve your needs and recommend them highly and without hesitation.

Edger V. Potter, Jr., M.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine Howard University College of Medicine

I was extremely satisfied with the transcription services provided by Transcription, Etc. The transcriptions were accurate, timely, reliable, and complete.

Dr. William S. Boddie, PMP, CISSP Professor of Systems Management Information Resources Management College

The turnaround time has been excellent, falling within 24 hours. STAT transcriptions have been done on an even more expeditious basis. The transcription accuracy has been excellent, and we have required minimal to no corrections.

L. K. Essandoh, M.D., FACC

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